Apple Skins

From the User Experience documentation for Apple Developers:

You should not use a brushed metal window if your application: * Is a multi-window application for example, Interface Builder * Is a document-based application – for example, TextEdit Use the brushed metal window look for the primary application window and other windows that meet the above criteria – for example, the Equalizer window in iTunes. Don't use it for supporting windows, such as preferences and other dialogs. It is acceptable to have a mix of standard Aqua windows and brushed metal windows within an application, as the Finder does.

Now I know why my mac doesn't have a way to change the skin of all apps globally. XP has this figured out pretty well and gives itself a uniform look across. In OSX I have to deal with each app and each window in each app having it's own set of skins, brushed metal, round corners, square corners, and burnt metal now with the new iTunes. Sure I guess It's great that I can tell mail from safari by seeing a different skin. But really I hope to see per application skin support built natively into all tiger apps going forward, as there is currently for language support. Can you imagine if each app was forced to a specific language?

Top 33 Free Tiger Toys

This is a list of the Free OSX Tiger software I use that kick major booty. No down payment, no monthly payment, No BS! Don't leave your mac without 'em.

  1. Adium iChat is good, Adium rox, IMHO, they just added Google Talk support
  2. Quicksilver mouse? what's that? have you tried these?
  3. Cyberduck FTP software that does what it needs to, without scaring you
  4. CronniX GUI for crontabs
  5. Iterm Terminal for OSX with tabs and bookmarks
  6. JellyfiSSH SSH GUI for OSX, kinda like Putty for Windows
  7. CocoaMySQL manage MySQL db, local or remote, nice!
  8. MenuMeters now i can finally see what my mac is doing
  9. TextWrangler If you don't have the bux for BBEdit this one is almost as good
  10. VoodooPad Amazing, its a wiki based notepad
  11. Tofu reading just got a whole lot easier thanks to horizontal scrolling
  12. PTHPasteboard keeps a log of your copy/past buffers
  13. Eclipse one of the best IDEs, the Mac OS X implementation has been significantly extended and improved
  14. Sidenote Just a lil notepad, usefull when you dont have a pen
  15. NetNewsWire Lite Free RSS/Atom reader
  16. SeeSS funny title, shows you CSS info in a widget, very handy
  17. Free Ruler Do you measure you pixels? I do
  18. iPick, HexColorPicker, QuickPicker color pickers galore
  19. Paparazzi Simple app to get screenshots of webpages, real handy
  20. FinkCommander After you get Fink, you will make your life much easier with this toy
  21. TinkerTool Kinda like TweakUI for XP, loads of good stuff
  22. Diablotin an admin panel like msconfig in XP, shows what you've added to your Library folder
  23. Yasu ok last administration tool, very simple, mostly cleans your mac
  24. Synergy Sharing is caring
  25. DashOnOff turns dashboard app off/on
  26. Picture Namer simple is good, just rename photos before they go into a black hole called iPhoto
  27. Recent Tunes wanna see what you just heard on iTunes? goes in the menu bar and can FTP too
  28. VideoLAN Play media without worries
  29. Cocoalicious If you are a deliciousaholic, this is a must
  30. delimport runs in the bg and imports your delicious into spotlight
  31. Khronos time tracking app, shows your earnings in real time
  32. Check Off keep track of tasks so you dont end up kicking yourself in the head later
  33. Dash Blog Simple yet usefull, a dashboard widget that post to Blogs using XMLRPC

OK now for some not so free and experimental apps to poke around with BluePhoneElite let your Tiger pick up the phone, doesn't work with my Treo 650 yet, I'm waiting…. TextMate New age text editor with some unique features CandyBar icon changer thingy, i haven't played with this thing yet TrailBlazer view your history as images, kinda cool but not too practical 3DOSX Great proof of concept, a Virtual 3D desktop! Apple should hire these guys for OS11