Zune is here! Here’s what the zune can do that the iPod can not:

  • Simple wireless downloading and sharing
  • Hi-defenition LCD screen
  • Open and Simple audio & video encodings
  • Preloaded video cards, SD & Flash to be available
  • Microsoft software compatibility
  • X-Box compatibility
  • FM Radio (I think this is a big one for some people)
  • Advanced Chips
  • Advanced audio quality

but some other things I would like to know first are:

  • Battery life (will it die faster with the LCD?)
  • Weight (is it a rock?)
  • Reliability (how often does it crash?)

Many people including myself are already iPod owners and will probably not invest in another expensive device for some time. Zune Marketplace (the iTunes competition) is to be released tomorrow, so I will have to wait and see how the MS software competes with iTunes, because quite frankly I love what iTunes can do for me and think it will be tough to make a better product. From what I can see you have to buy Microsoft Points. I can see how they are trying to save money by consolidating credit card processing charges. Depending on the user interface this might also be a cumbersome workflow. Overall, Zune is good for the competition and good for consumers, wheter Microsoft wins or loses.