CSS has come a long way. We moved from CSS to Sass, to PostCSS. Now with the help of new build tools like Webpack and Rollup, CSS has plunged head first into the JavaScript world. Just as require and CommonJS made it possible to avoid globals in JavaScript and write modular code, we can now do the same with CSS, which the React community has embraced in various shapes.

I gave a talk last week at the ReactJS San Francisco Bay Area meetup group hosted at Trulia. Below are the slides from the talk where I covered Radium, react-css-modules, and styled components as the primary frameworks. Along with the talk, I’ve also publish a github repo (CSS in React on Github) where you can easily run the examples locally and learn by editing simple examples to get a CSS in React project going.

I also have an upcoming session at SXSW in 2017 titled CSS in React: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Stay tuned for more examples and updates.

CSS in React slides by Joe Seifi